A Break Like Never Before

I just woke up and a bit early though this was a Sunday.  As I still lay on the bed lazily the cool breeze was passing into our bedroom through the window. It had rained quite well the previous night and as i stretched myself and sat down on the bed to looked at the branches of the massive tamarind tree which stood embracing our house.  The tamarind tree would easily be over 100 years old. The branches and leaves looked so fresh and green.  No wonder Kerala is labeled as God’s Own Country.  I travel across the country quite extensively, but I have not been able to see any state in India, which has the ambiance our Kerala.

As I was still lazily leaning on to the window looking ahead to the highway I found pools of muddy waters at various places – adding to the balance sheet of rains which had ceased by now. Being Sunday the traffic was below normal but for some inter – state trucks moving in high speed.

My daughter wakes up to announce that she has holidays for the next two days and that was reason enough to plan a much needed break.  This stimulated our hormones and then we did not waste much time to pack our bags and jump into our car and soon we were driving down the snaking roads to reach athirappilly. This is one destination which one does not get bored visiting over and again. There are affordable resorts in adirappally, providing good service.

We reach the best resort in Athirappally, and as the name suggests the resort is located in place which is so unbelievably Green.  The view from the resort is a refreshing feast to eyes. The resort  has nine spacious rooms. Eigtht of them are in luxury villa category and one room is a honeymoon suite with all latest facility with a high tech Jacuzzi.  If you are try to get a honeymoon suite in Athirapally, then Green Trees Athirappilly would be the only option.

The famous Athirappally waterfalls is close by. The falls was looking so beautiful and the rains had made her more attractive. We walked down to the falls and indulged in nature and then it rained again. The fresh fragrance of nature made us more rejuvenated.

The stay at Athirappilly Green Trees was a great experience.  The staff was so loving and always so enthusiastic to help.  The swimming pool and lawns adds more to the beauty of the location.  Across the road you would stroll relaxed for around fifty meters and as you still reach there your ears are treated with the music from the flowing river.  The river gives you a picturesque view of the forest and the nature. She is not rough and it is so safe to get down into the river to have a nice plunge and enjoy the fresh water bath. As you brace into her she flows giving you a good massage.

At Athirappilly Green Trees which is undoubtedly the best resort in Athirappally, the chef serves you with the best food in Athirappally. The local cuisines, international ones and other Indian dishes, you name it and you are served .

As we leave the resort, and athirappilly, nature’s best gift, we carry back delightful memories and assure ourselves that we will come back to this place again to get the best and treated like the best.

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