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How to Capture Instagram Worthy Shots at Athirapilly Picnic Spot

If you’re trying to take your Instagram feed to the next level, look no further than the spectacular Athirappilly Waterfalls in Kerala. It is a popular picnic location for locals as well as tourists, as the lush green surroundings and the water crashing into the ground make it an ideal place for walks, picnics, and photoshoots with loved ones. Widely known as the “Niagra of India," Athirappilly is the perfect spot for nature lovers and photographers alike. Here are some tips and tricks to capture some impressive nature shots from Athirappilly that will leave your followers awestruck.

The Golden Hour Magic

Timing is one of the most crucial elements in taking amazing pictures. The last hour before sunset and the first hour after sunrise are referred to as “the golden hour” or “the magic hour” by photographers, as it provides the perfect lighting to add a magical touch to your photos, making them look like something straight out of a fairytale. To make the most of the natural beauty that surrounds you, you need to plan your visit to Athirappilly during this time.

Focus On Details

Athirappilly sure has some of the most stunning views in the world, but don't miss out on the smaller things that make this destination so special. Take the time to shift your focus from the grand panorama of Athirappilly to the smaller, subtler details, like the patterns and textures of the leaves and the stones and the vast diversity of its flora and fauna. Oftentimes, it is the little things that add depth and life to your portfolio.

Include People For Scale

Athirappilly is often crowded with a lot of tourists, and its grandeur is fully and truly conveyed through photographs only when they become a part of it. Whether you’re photographing a lone figure looking down at a waterfall or a large group of friends having a picnic by the river, include people in your photographs to really show the size and scale of these picnic spots.

Explore Different Angles

Exploring various camera angles and methods is necessary to capture the perfect shot. Typical tourist shots have gone out of fashion, and in order to take creative shots that connect with the viewer, photographers have to experiment with different lenses and angles. Explore the area to discover unique vantage points that offer a fresh point of view. You may have to climb towards a high vantage point to capture a shot overlooking the waterfalls or get down low to take some close-up shots of the flora and fauna.

Experiment with Long Exposure

Long-exposure photography can give your images a feeling of motion and dynamic, especially when it comes to photographing waterfalls like Athirappilly. Experiment with different shutter speeds while using a tripod to keep your camera stable until you get the desired result. A faster shutter speed will freeze the action for a more dramatic effect, whereas a slower shutter speed will produce a silky smooth water flow that is ideal for capturing waterfalls.

Capture The Peace And Tranquility

Try to portray the feeling of peace and tranquility that surrounds Athirappilly, along with its natural beauty. Capture the moments of self-reflection, calmness, and harmony between nature and mankind. These small seconds of silence often yield some of the most striking and moving images.

Simply owning a good camera does not ensure you get Instagram-worthy shots from Athirappilly. It requires patience, creativity, and a great attention to detail, which happen to be the qualities of a good photographer. Additionally, booking a stay at Athirapilly Green Trees Resort, one of the coziest and best luxury resorts in Athirappilly , ensures that you have a calm and quiet place to return to after a long day of sightseeing and shooting. Known for its peaceful atmosphere and convenient location near the picnic spots, you can unwind and refresh yourselves before heading out to capture more memorable moments from Athirappilly.

25 April 2024 | Globosoft